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For The Fans

Music Icons For The Fans
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Hey peoples! This is Muse_ix_cons - a Music Icons site cos we can. There are just a few little rules so we dont all rip eachothers heads off :)


1. DONT STEAL. Thats the most important rule for here, dont steal other peoples work. If you dont know how to credit someone for their work, ASK!
2. Be Nice. everyone has their own opinons so you have to respect those, if you dont like someone on lj, dont go into their post!
3. Have fun :P Anyone can post here, as long as they are a member and dont spam with random stuff, promoting communities is okie, as long as it has something to do with either music or icons.


i will be planning some icon and banner challanges, also a comp for all the layouts cos im lazy like that :P. Dont use other peoples ideas for those and please dont enter stuff you've already made.


If there is a band that you think fits the profile of what this community obviously is (no pop stuff etc) then tell me and i will add it to our user-info so its easy to search for other things.


Currently none :( just post with the link to your site and i'll put you here!